The Ugly Truth About Cotton – Part II

The fashion industry has a grossly unsustainable ecological footprint. Every year the industry emits 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2, consumes and pollutes a vast amount of water and creates 2.1 billion tonnes of waste. Global consumption of clothing has doubled since 2000 and is expected to keep on rising. This is as a result of [...]

Eco-2018: New Year’s Resolution

Make your Household Eco-Proof Wash your clothes slightly less and use cold water (or the eco-setting on your washing machine). Fill the sink with water as opposed to washing under a running tap. Use eco-friendly household cleaning products, including for the bathroom - Ecover and Ecoleaf can often be refilled at supermarkets/health food shops to [...]

Pilze Züchten

Pilzzucht Crashkurs (Schweibenalp April 2016) 1. Schritt: Petrischale Petrischale sterilisieren und dann darin Agar, Hefe, Malzextrakt und ein Stückchen von der Mitte deines beliebigen Pilzes vermischen Das Pilzmyzel braucht 2 Wochen um zu wachsen, dann kann man es 1 Jahr lang im Kühlschrank aufbewahren (es wächst langsamer in der Kälte und muss schön feucht bleiben) [...]

Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet by Werner Boote is a very disturbing but extremely fascinating documentary, I really recommend it. He goes around the world to see the effects of plastic and speaks to manufacturers of plastic, vested companies and government bodies. What I found most shocking is that there is a particular type of plastic called Polycarbonate. [...]